Monday, May 29, 2006

Many of the ships in Witte de With's squadron that went to Brazil were gone before 1652

Witte de With's squadron that went to Brazil in late 1647 and early 1648 were gone before 1652:
Adm Ship Name      Guns  Initial Commander       Fate
M   Brederode        49  Witte Cornelisz de With Sunk in 1658 at Battle of the Sound
M   Gelderland       40  Joost van Coulster      Not mentioned after 1659
M   Dolphijn         32  Job Forant              Last mentioned in 1657
A   Huis van Nassau  40  Govert Forens           Damaged on 28 Sept 1648
                                                  captured by Portuguese
A   Haarlem          36  Matthijs Gillissen      Last mentioned in 1666
A   Utrecht          32  Jacob Paulusz Cort      Exploded on 28 Sept 1648
A   (Groot)Zutphen   30  Cornelis Toelast        Last mentioned in 1665
A   Overijssel       28  Dirck Crijnen Verveen   Sold upon return
N   Eendracht        41  Paulus Coolen           Burnt in action in 1676
N   Wapen van Nassau 38  Lieven de Zeeuw         Gone before 1652
N   Witte Eenhoorn   30  Jan Gijzen              Last mentioned in 1655
N   Koning David     34* Willem Claesz Ham       Gone before 1652
A   Gewapende Ruyter 36  Boetius Schaeff         In June 1652, captured by English
Of 13 ships, including the Portuguese prize, 5 were lost or gone before 1652. Several had long service, such as the Noorderkwartier ship Eendracht.

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