Thursday, May 25, 2006

East India Company ships from the Amsterdam Chamber in July 1653

The July 1653 list of ships includes three ships from the Amsterdam Chamber of the VOC. One of them is listed as being unready. I believe that these are the ships in question:
Ship            Commander               Guns Crew Length  Beam Hold
Gerechtigheid   Evert Pietersz Swart
Mercurius       Pieter de Bitter        40   200  123ft   30ft 12ft
Huis van Nassau Jan Pietersz van Strijp

Another candidate is the Vrede (although she may have been purchased)

Vrede           Pieter Salomonszoon     40   200  131.5ft 32.5ft
I am not absolutely sure about the Huis van Nassau, so as usual, there is a great deal of uncertainty.

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