Saturday, May 13, 2006

Directors' ships from later in 1653

Dr. Elias, in volumes V and VI of Schetsen uit de Geschiedenis van ons Zeewezen identifies some Directors' ships that were in service later in 1653 (some of them were lost in the storm in early November 1653):
  • Burgh, Hendrick Andriaenszoon Glas, Rotterdam Directors (13 August 1653)
  • Catarina (28 guns), Jacob Janszoon Coppe, Amsterdam Directors (30 January 1653)
  • Halve Maen (30 guns), Hendrik Pieterszoon, Edam Directors (June 1653)
  • Hollandsche Tuin (32 guns), Joris Janszoon Block, Amsterdam Directors (28 January 1653)
  • Keurvorst van Keulen (34 guns), Amsterdam Directors (4 April 1653)
  • Koning David (28 guns), Captain Vogelsang, Amsterdam Directors (4 April 1653)
  • Koning Radboud, Jan Rootiers, Medemblick Directors (9 November 1653)
  • Leeuwin, Claes Janszoon, Middelburg Directors (21 May 1653)
  • Luipaard, Cornelis Tiebij, some Zeeland Directors (9 November 1653)
  • Moor, 34 guns and a crew of 108 men, Adriaen Cornelisz van Ackersloot, Amsterdam Directors (28 January 1653)
  • Moorin (28 guns), Cornelis Corneliszoon Jol, Amsterdam Directors (28 January 1653)
  • Pelikaan (or Gulden Pelikaan) (28 guns), Barend Tijmenszoon Soudaen, Amsterdam Directors (18 March 1653)
  • Purmerland, Andries Sijbrantszoon, Amsterdam Directors (19 July 1653)
  • Samson (28 guns) (27 January 1653)
  • Schacht den Harculus, 28 guns, Amsterdam Directors (4 April 1653)
  • Sint Johannes (28 guns), assumed to be an Amsterdam Directors' ship (8 February 1653)
  • Sint Matheeus, Cornelis Laurenszoon, Amsterdam Directors (June 1653)
  • Sint Pieter (28 guns) (10 January 1653)
  • Sint Pieter, Simon Corneliszoon, Rotterdam Directors (13 August 1653)
  • Vergulde Zon (28 guns and a crew of 108 men), Jacob Claeszoon Duijm, Enkhuizen Directors (not the Monnikendam Directors, apparently) (1652 and 1653)
  • Walvisch, 30 guns and a crew of 110 men, Abraham Verleth, Amsterdam Directors (perhas 17 August 1653)
There is ambiguity about several of the ships. For example, was the Halve Maen hired by the Edam Directors or Monnikendam Directors? Was the Zon, commanded by Jacob Claesz Duijm, hired by the Enkhuizen Directors or the Edam Directors? There are some references from July 1653 that are different from the other references. The Vergulde Zon is perhaps inconsistent with the rest, as she was a ship hired in 1653, but her situation was ambiguous, and it seemed worth clarifying the record. The Vergulde Zon fought in the Battle of the Gabbard, in June 1653, and was taken by the English. One positive thing is that Vol.V of The First Dutch War, agrees with the Directors for the two ambiguous ships.

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