Friday, May 12, 2006

I am still looking at alternatives for publishing reference material

Frank Fox has been encouraging me to get at least some of my research into print. Because of the presumed limited audience for 17th Century naval history and ship data, I have thought that a publishing-on-demand solution would be what was needed. Cafe Press, who provides our "gear" and hosts our store with my various pieces of art on them, also does publishing on demand. They have a more limited set of options than Lulu, started by the founder of "Red Hat", the Linux company. there are also other options, for a cost, such as Xlibris.

Some of my projects are the sort of thing that the Society for Nautical Research has published in the past. Frank Fox says that there is no funding for anything from them, these days. Some of my projects that are pretty far progressed include:

  1. Dutch Naval Officers: 1600-1720
  2. English Naval Officers: 1642-1720
  3. Dutch Ships in Various Operations in the First Anglo-Dutch War
  4. Dutch Ships: 1620-1720
  5. The First Anglo-Dutch War
Other longer-term projects include English translations of some books:
  1. Johan E. Elias, De Vlootbouw in Nederland 1596-1655, 1933
  2. Jodocus Hondius, Onstelde-Zee, Oft Zee-Daden, 1654

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