Thursday, May 18, 2006

The nine Zeeland Directors' ships

Zeeland as allocated nine ships from the 50 Directors' ships funded in 1652. Again, we have a list of nine ships from the Hollandsche Mercurius list, reprinted in The First Dutch War, Vol.I and also from Hendrick de Raedt's pamphlet. This is the list:
kapitein Jan le Sage                Mi-Dir Vergulde Haan   30 105
kapitein Jacob Adriaansz Penssen    Mi-Dir Gouden Leeuw    30 110
kapitein Johannes van Regermorter   Mi-Dir ?               30 105
kapitein Bastiaan Tuynemans         Mi-Dir Sint Laurens    30 105*
kapitein Jan Thyssen                Vl-Dir Witte Lam       32 110
kapitein Cornelis Evertsen de Jonge Vl-Dir Vlissingen      26 110
kapitein Allert Janszoon            Vl-Dir Dubbele Arend   28 110
kapitein Cornelis Rocusensz Fincen  Zi-Dir Liefde          34 110
kapitein Jan Olivierszoon           Ve-Dir Wapen ter Veere 38 125
The Sint Laurens was captured by the English on 29 May 1652, in the opening battle of the war, near Dover and the Downs. The issues again revolve around the existence of at least one other ship that was known to be Zeeland Directors' ships. By July 1652, Leendert den Haen commanded the Haes in 't Veld (30 guns and a crew of 108 ships). This ship seems to have been the one later commanded by Bastiaan Centsen. The exact timing is unclear, but by the Battle of Dungeness, Bastiaan Centsen was captain of the Haes in 't Veld. He took the English ship Hercules after the battle.

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