Monday, May 15, 2006

The 36 Cruisers funded in 1651

The first really substantial preparation for the coming war by the Dutch was the funding of 36 cruisers to add to the 40 ships funded after the Peace of M√ľnster in 1648. We know the identity of the 7 Noorderkwartier ships, thanks to the document included in Vol.IV of The First Dutch War:
Prinses Roijael, 34 guns     Captain Albert Corneliszoon 't Hoen crew 140
Jonge Prins, 28 guns         Captain Cornelis Barentszoon Slordt crew 115
Eendracht, 40 guns           Captain Jacob de Boer               crew 140
Alckmaar, 28 guns            Captain Jan Warnaertszoon Capelman  crew 95
Monnikendam, 36 guns         Captain Pieter Florissen            crew 138
Wapen van Enkhuizen, 34 guns Captain Gerrit Femssen              crew 110
Stad van Medemblick, 30 guns Captain Pieter Schellinger          crew 110
As for the others, we suspect that ships that were completed from about 1650 until 1652 fall into that bucket:
Admiralty of Amsterdam

Vrede, 44 guns               Commandeur Gideon de Wildt (1650)
Vrijheid, 44 guns            Commandeur Augustijn Balck (1651)
Overijssel, 28 guns          Captain Jan van Campen (1650)
Campen, 38 guns              Joris van der Zaan (1652)
Jaarsveld, 44 guns           Joris van Cats (1651)
Maagd van Enkhuizen, 34 guns Cornelis Tromp (purchased in 1651)

Admiralty of Zeeland

Amsterdam (1651)
Ter Goes (1652)
Zeeridder (1652)
The rest must have been commissioning of existing ships, like the Noorderkwartier ships. At this point, unless we can find more information, we cannot do any better than guess.

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