Thursday, April 13, 2006

A small Brederode poster is now available

Sorry for the commercial announcement, but I have wanted to have color posters for five years. Only now have I found a way to do that. This is only a small start, but we now have a store at where one of the products that is available is the small Brederode poster of the painting (or at least, one alternative of that). There are other products, as well, but I really wanted a Brederode poster to see how it would be. The nice thing is that the price is pretty low, although it is quite small, as well. I apologize again, as I will be cross-posting this announcement, as well.

This is an alternate look product line for the Brederode, although the image size didn't make for a good poster of any size. The pictures don't show the color and shade variations well, as the bottom one has lighter blues, while the upper one has a darker, browner tone:

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