Friday, April 07, 2006

Dutch Captain: Jan Duijm

Jan Duijm served the Admiralty of Zeeland. He definitely fought in the Battle of Portland. He must have been in Michiel De Ruyter's squadron, and his most prominent act was to use his ship to tow Michiel De Ruyter's flagship, the Witte Lam (40 guns), through the last two days of the battle, after the Witte Lam was dismasted during the first day. We do not see Jan Duijm mentioned again until 1658, when he commanded the Zeeland ship Prins Willem (28 guns, and a crew of 75 sailors and 25 soldiers). His ship was victualled for four months. He fought in the Battle of the Downs, where he was assigned to Lt-Admiral van Wassenaer's squadron. Sources:
  1. list of ships dated 8 August 1658, Staten Generaal, 1.01.06, inventory number 12580.16
  2. G. L. Grove, Journalen van de Admiralen Van Wassenaer-Obdam (1658/59) en De Ruyter (1659/60), 1907

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