Tuesday, April 11, 2006

English Captain: Nicholas Heaton

Nicholas Heaton served in the Commonwealth navy. He was said to have served well as trumpeter's mate on the 2nd Rate Triumph. As a reward, he was promoted to captain. From 1653 until 1655, he commanded the 4th Rate Sapphire (38 guns). At one point, he fought a successful action against Sir Edward Spragge (in a ship of 26 guns) and his brother-in-law, Captain Colaert (in a ship of 36 guns), son of the famous Dunkirk admiral. He drove them back into port, as they had tried to break out on a privateering voyage. He fought in the Battle of the Gabbard in June 1653, when he was assigned to the General's division in the Red Squadron. He very likely fought in the Battle of Scheveningen, in August. He was with the active fleet in September 1653. In December, his ship was lying at Portsmouth. By September 1655, he was sick and was absent from the Sapphire in November. From 1656 to 1660 (to the Restoration), he commanded the 4th Rate Gainsborough (eventually renamed Swallow, at the Restoration). Sources:
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