Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I just received my copy of De Admiraliteit van Amsterdam in Rustige Jaren 1713-1751

I had seen a reference to this book on a website that had Dutch naval officer information from 1688 to 1784 (I think). The book is by J. R. Bruijn, and is called De Admiraliteit van Amsterdadm in Rustige Jaren 1713-1751, published in 1970. The book is a paperback, and I bought my copy from a bookseller in Germany, through ABE Books. The book includes a list of flag officers and captains in the service of the Admiralty of Amsterdam. There is also a list of ships built in this period, as well as a list of the charters (the dimensions to be used for ships). I had almost given up hope that I would receive the book, as I received the book 48 days after purchasing it online.

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