Monday, April 17, 2006

English Captain: Robert Plumleigh

Robert Plumleigh served in the Commonwealth navy. He took command of a new Dutch prize named Sampson in early March 1653. We can only speculate as to which Dutch ship this was. Somewhere about April 1653, he was at Portsmouth, with the General's squadron. In July, he was in the Dover roads, tasked with commerce protection on the east coast. In September 1653, he still commanded the Sampson (32 guns). In December, he and his ship were at Plymouth, tasked to protected the collier trade. In December, the Sampson only carried 28 guns. In November 1653, he was nominated to command a new frigate building at Shoreham. He ended up being appointed to the Reserve, instead. From 1654 until the Restoration, he commanded the Reserve (44 guns), a 4th Rate. Sources:
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