Monday, April 24, 2006

Paulus van den Kerckhoff commanded the Nijmegen

Dr. Elias wrote in a note on page 84, in De Vlootbouw in Nederland, that Paulus van den Kerckhoff commanded the ship that he spelled Nijmeghen. The Nijmeghen, originally named Casteel van Medemblick, was purchased by the Admiralty of the Maze on 28 March 1645. The Nijmeghen was 105 Maas feet long, which is about 115 Amsterdam feet. Maas feet were divided into 12 inches, and were about 308mm, while Amsterdam feet were divided into 11 inches and were about 283mm. It was the Nijmeghen which was sunk by the English while it was returning home from Brazil in June 1652.

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