Friday, April 14, 2006

I can add to the biography of Pieter Adriaanszoon van Blocker

Back on 9 January 2006, I first wrote about Pieter Adriaanszoon van Blocker (sometimes just called Pieter Adriaanszoon). I figured out a few more things, so I am now in a position to do a longer biography. In November 1649, he left Brazil in command of the Noorderkwartier ship Witte Eenhoorn (30 guns). He had succeeded Jan Gijzen in command. He had been with Witte de With's relief squadron sent to try and retrieve the Dutch position in Brazil. Sadly, they were not given adequate support, and failed. From early 1652, he commanded a Hoorn Director's ship of 28 guns. In June 1652, he was with Tromp's fleet, and took part in the voyage to the Shetlands in July and August. He was a survivor of the storm. In mid-August, he was with Witte de With. He joined Witte de With's fleet on 18 October 1652, after the Battle of the Kentish Knock. In December 1652, he fought in the Battle of Dungeness. He was assigned to Pieter Florissen's squadron. In January 1653, he was missing from the fleet, after a storm. He is absent from the published literature after that, so we might speculate about his ship being lost in the storm or being captured by the English (one of the mystery prizes, perhaps). Dr. Ballhausen seems to be totally wrong about Pieter Adriaanszoon van Blocker taking part in the Battle of Portland, where he cites this last reference. Sources:
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