Friday, April 28, 2006

New information

In discussions with Carl Stapel, and thanks to new information that he has found, we have a more complete picture of some events surrounding the return of ships that had been in Brazil in June 1652. Philips Schooneman had commanded a ship named Dolphijn in Brazil from 1649 until 1651, when he died, along with two other captains, presumably from illness. Marinus de Clercq had been there, commanding a WIC jacht named Ster. When Captain Schooneman died, Marinus de Clercq was appointed to command the Dolphijn and her brought her safely home in June 1652. Paulus van den Kerckhoff had also been in Brazil, commanding the Nijmegen (26 guns) (ex-Casteel van Medemblick). On his return voyage, his ship was intercepted by English frigates and was sunk. Since he was senior to Marinus de Clercq, he was appointed to command the Dolphijn (or Gulden Dolphijn). Marinus de Clercq was eventually given command of a newly hired ship (perhaps one of the 100 ships of 1652). After the Battle of Dungeness, Dirck Vijch and Marinus de Clercq were ordered to operate as privateers and continued to do so until July 1653. They brought in many prizes and also created legal problems due to suits by owners of ships that they had taken. There is documentary evidence that indicates that crewmen who had previously served under Captain Schooneman and were paid, were later paid while serving under Paulus van den Kerckhoff.

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