Thursday, April 13, 2006

I can augment my earlier article about Jacob Andrieszoon Swart

I originally wrote about Jacob Andrieszoon Swart on 12 February 2004. I believe that I can augment what I wrote then. He lived from 1620 to 8 May 1679. When he was pretty young, in 1645, he commanded the rechte Liefde (26 guns), a ship hired by the New Amsterdam Directors. He was with Witte de With's fleet that forced a fleet of merchant ships into the Sound without paying the toll to Denmark. In 1652 and 1653, he commanded the Vliegende Faam (28 guns), an Amsterdam Directors' ship. He took part in many of the operations and battles, including Tromp's voyage to the Shetlands in July and August 1652. By 1654, he commanded the Bommel, a regular warship of the Admiralty of Amsterdam. In 1656, he commanded the three-masted jacht Windhond (22 guns). He took part in the operation to blockade Danzig, under the command of Jacob van Wassenaer. He commanded the Huis te Kruiningen at the Battle of Lowestoft, where he was assigned to Lt-Admiral Jacob van Wassenaer's squadron. In August, he was assigned to Cornelis Tromp's squadron in De Ruyter's fleet. In June 1666, he fought in the Four Days' Battle, where he commanded the Deventer (66 guns). He was assigned to the center division of Cornelis Tromp's squadron. He fought in the St. James's Day Battle in August 1666, where he commanded the Deventer (66 guns). Again, he was assigned to Cornelis Tromp's squadron. In May and July 1667, he commanded the Stad en Lande with the fleet operating in the Channel. Sources:
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