Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Dutch Captain: Hendrick Huyskens

Hendrick Huyskens served the Admiralty of Amsterdam. In 1652 and 1653, he commanded the Westfriesland. He likely fought in the Battle of Portland in early 1653. He also very probably fought in the Battles of the Gabbard and Scheveningen in 1653. One characteristic of Dutch ships as the war progressed is that their crew size increased. The Westfriesland's crew increased from 100 to 140 by the summer of 1653. See my old post about the ships in 1653. In 1656, he commanded the Tromp (or Muiltromp) (42 guns) in the expedition to Danzig. In 1658, he commanded the Doesburg (42 guns). Sources:
  1. James C. Bender, unpublished manuscript "Dutch Ships 1620-1700", 2004.

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