Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Things we need to find: updated list

There is a list of things that we really need to find. They are critical pieces of information that would expand our knowledge about Dutch ships during the 1630-1672 period. The items are as follows:
  1. The information used by Vreugdenhil about Dutch ships prior to 1649
  2. The list of Directors ships from March 30, 1652 that lists ships like the Harderwijck, Harderin, Weesp, and Colburg
  3. The manuscript that lists the Prinses Louise upgunned to 46 guns in late 1652
  4. The manuscript that tells about the Zeeland Directors ships that joined the fleet in May 1652
  5. The manuscript that has details about ships such as the Walvisch from 1653
  6. The documentation that provided Dr. Weber with details about ships in his book about the Four Days Battle

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