Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Dutch Captain: Jan Le Sage

Jan Le Sage commanded a Middelburg Directors' ship the Vergulde Haan during the First Anglo-Dutch War. At the beginning of the war, his ship carried 30 guns and had a crew of 105 men. He very likely took part in the opening battle of the war off Dover in May 1652. At least seven of the ships present were Zeeland directors' ships. He served with the fleet until the Battle of Portland. He probably fought in the Battle of Dungeness in 1652. He fought in the Battle of Portland and on the second day, he was reportedly killed and his ship was captured by the English after a stubborn defense. Prior to the battle, the plan had been that he and Cornelis Evertsen would separate from the larger convoy and accompany ships that were destined for St. Malo and other ports in Brittany. Sources:
  1. James C. Bender, unpublished manuscript “Dutch Captains”, 2005.
  2. C. T. Atkinson, Ed., The First Dutch War, Vol.IV, 1910.

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