Saturday, June 25, 2005

Tromp with Piet Hein from April to June 1629

Maarten Harpertszoon Tromp served as Piet Hein's flag captain from April to June 1629. His ship was the Groene Draeck, a ship of 220 lasts. The crew consisted of 95 sailors and 30 soldiers. The guns carried were bronze (or brass) cannons: 2-chambered 36pdr, 2-24pdr (half cartouwen), 2-12pdr; and iron guns: 16-8pdr and 4-6pdr. This is listed in the Staet van Oorlog te Water de anno 1629. I had not realized this, but this list was published in Aanwinsten 1901 XXXV nr.8. I have found it a valuable aid. I happen to have microfilm, scanned to images, from the original handwritten list. I would think that having a good printed text copy would be helpful. It would save having to decipher the handwriting. My translation of the account in Dr. Graefe's book:
In the spring of 1629, Tromp took command of another ship, the Groene Draeck, of 200 lasts and ared with 26 guns, with a crew of 95 sailors and 30 soldiers. In 1625, the Groene Draeck had become commanded by Jasper Liefhebber, andwhen he had been promoted to Vice-Admiral of the Maze in April 1628, it had flown his flag. Jasper Liefhebber wrote in May 1625 that the Groene Draeck was the best ship of the Admiralty of the Maze.

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