Thursday, June 23, 2005

Dutch Naval Officer: Jacob Janszoon van Edam

There is almost nothing in Luc Eekhout's book about Jacob Janszoon van Edam. All we know is that for some indeterminate period, up until September 1617, he served as a temporary Vice-Admiral. He also served as a temporary Vice-Admiral during 1618, according to Luc Eekhout. He does not even mention that Jacob Janszoon van Edam served the Admiralty of Amsterdam. We already know that he was temporary Vice-Admiral involved with Haultain's expedition to the Mediterranean Sea from September 1617 until May 1618. He commanded the ship Gulden Valck. We also know that he served as a temporary Vice-Admiral on Hillebrant Quast's expedition from December 1618 to September 1619. All this we know thanks to Mr. Carl Stapel.

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