Thursday, June 16, 2005

Dutch Captain Marinus de Clerq (de Clercq, de Klerck, or de Klerk)

Marinus de Clerq served the Admiralty of Rotterdam. In June 1652, he apparently commanded the Dolphijn (28 guns) that had been commanded by Captain Schooneman. On September 8, 1652, Witte de With wrote that Captain de Clerq came in the roads with galliots from Rotterdam. De With was at Middelburg at the time. Marinus de Clerq was with the fleet at the Battle of Dungeness. He was initially in Witte de With's squadron. When De With went home, Michiel de Ruyter commanded in his place. That is the extent of what we know about his service in the First Anglo-Dutch War. He was in De Ruyter's fleet in 1659, when he commanded the Prins Maurits (44 guns). He was still in command of the Prins Maurits when he fought in the Battle of Lowestoft. He was assigned to Jan Evertsen's squadron for the battle. In the battle, his ship collided with the Koevorden, Elf Steden, and Stad Utrecht. While the Elf Steden escaped, the Prins Maurits did not, and was burnt. Marinus de Clerq died, as a result. Sources:
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