Friday, June 10, 2005

Dutch Captain: Hendrik Brouwer

Hendrik Brouwer served the Admiralty of Amsterdam and fought in the Third Anglo-Dutch War. In 1672, he commanded the 70-gun ship Callantsoog (Kalandsoog) in the Battle of Solebay. He was assigned to Lt-Admiral Banckert's squadron in the battle. In January 1673, he was appointed as a Lieutenant-Colonel under Prins Willem III's command, with a company of sailors. Engel De Ruyter was appointed as Major and captains Ewijk, Tomas Tobiaszoon, Van Gelder, Berkhout, Bont, Schey, Uytterwijk, Swerius, Swart, and Elsevier were all to report to the Prince at Alphen. Andrew says that "Heyn Brouwer", who commanded the Klein Harder in August 1665, is actually Hendrick Brouwer, which seems right. I had not notice it until I went looking. I have a note about Heyn Brouwer that originates from Brandt. He was assigned to Tjerk Hiddes de Vries's squadron in De Ruyter's fleet. Sources:
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