Monday, June 20, 2005

A story from 1623 that involves Witte de With

Mr. Carl Stapel passed on one last story about Dutch captains prior to 1630. I have slightly edited the text:
On June 12th 1623 the fleet met a Dutch warship at the Azores named Overijssel. The Overijssel was commanded by Adriaen van Crimpen. He escorted sugar ships which he had captured. A mutiny had broken out on the Overijssel about dividing the loot. l'Hermite acted promptly and put three sailors to death on the 21st of June by hanging them and keelhauled six others. Witte de With was one of the officers who sat on the court martial as a judge. By this time,he must have been familar with brutality. He was hardened by the VOC in his young years. But it was Witte de With who always got the risky assignments and never Maarten Tromp. Tromp was never sent to the West-Indies or East-Indies, it was Witte de With, instead.

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