Monday, June 27, 2005

Dutch Captain: Gijsbert Malcontent

Gijsbert Malcontent served the Enkhuizen Directors in the First Anglo-Dutch War. He commanded a ship that carried 28 guns and had a crew of 110 men. He took part in Tromp's voyage to the Shetlands in July and August 1652. He was present at the Councils of War prior to leaving for the Shetlands and after the storm. He fought at the Battle of Portland, where his ship was captured on the second day and he was killed. He had been Paulus Coolen's lieutenant on the Noorderkwartier ship Eendracht (41 guns) on Witte de With's ill-fated relief expedition to Brazil. His is one of the names that Marco Schuffelen pronounces on his website. Sources:
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