Friday, January 14, 2005

One thing we need is an OOB for the Dutch in the Battle of the Downs in 1639

We have a less-than-adequately detailed OOB for the Spanish side in the Battle of the Downs, thanks to C. R. Boxer, but the Dutch side is even worse. We mostly have a list of captains, with no clear notation even as to what admiralty they served. From a variety of sources, we could assign a few ship names (even some guns) to some of the Dutch list. The booksw about Tromp and the campaign leading up to the Battle of the Downs are some of the available sources. There is the "Staet van Oorlogh te Water" for 1633, but it is probably of little help, except for some ship data. Many ships which undoubtedely fought are not in that list, apparently having been built later. For example, there was the Deventer (28 guns). That was a name apparently not used again until the 1660's. There is a small amount in Doeke Roos' new book, and there may be some other, newer sources (only in Dutch, though). Perhaps I could at least start such a list, and fill in as much as I can find, just to make a start on the project.

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