Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Dutch Captain: Jan Pieterszoon Tant

Jan Pieterszoon Tant served the Admiralty of Zeeland in the 2nd Anglo-Dutch War. In June 1665, he commanded the advice yacht Dieshoek (6 guns). She had a crew somewhere between 20 and 26 men. In August 1665, he commanded the frigate Zeelandia (36 guns). At the Four Days Battle and St. James's Day Battle, he commanded the Zeeland warship Utrecht (50 guns). The Utrecht had been built in 1653, and carried 2-24pdr, 6-18pdr, 18-12pdr, 22-6pdr, and 2-bases (an archaic swivel gun). The Utrecht had dimensions 134ft x 33ft x 13.5ft, so she was a good bit larger than the smaller and more numerous 130ft ships. I have no further information about him after 1666.

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