Friday, January 14, 2005

English Captain: Willoughby Hannam (or Hannum)

Willoughby Hannam served in both the Commonwealth and Restoration navies. R.C. Anderson consistently calls his last name "Hannum". Frank Fox calls his name "Hannam". From 1653 to 1654, he commanded the Katherine (36 guns). He was in command of the Katherine in September 1653. His ship was lying "in the Ellice Road" in December. From 1654 to 1656, he commanded the Dutch prize Half Moon (captured at the Gabbard). From 1656 until 1660, he commanded the Kentish (Kent). He was appointed as captain in 1660. In the Battle of Lowestoft, in 1665, he commanded the 2nd Rate Rainbow (56 guns), which was assigned to Prince Rupert's division. In June 1666, he was assigned to the Western Station, and missed the Four Days' Battle. He now commanded the 3rd Rate Resolution. At the St. James's Day Battle, his ship, the Resolution (68 guns) was disabled and burned by the Dutch. Captain Hannam and 1oo of his crew were rescued. He was killed in action on 28 May 1672 (at Solebay), while commanding the 2nd Rate Triumph (70 guns). He was in Vice-Admiral of the Blue, Joseph Jordan's squadron. He obviously had a distinguished career in the navy. Sources:
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