Wednesday, January 05, 2005

More about William Badiley

William Badiley was, of course, Richard's brother. Richard was a squadron commander in the Mediterranean Sea during 1652 to 1653. His brother, William, seems to have been reckless, and was not employed after the Battle of the Kentish Knock. Recklessness is practically an unknown quality among English naval officers during the First Anglo-Dutch War. About the only man who could be credibly charged as being reckless, besides William Badiley, was Robert Blake, General-at-Sea. The usual problem among English naval officers in the 17th Century was timidy. Compared to Robert Blake, some normally brave officers were considered to have been over-timid at the Battle of Dungeness (30 November 1652, Old Style).

At the Battle off Dover on 19 May 1652, Blake's rashness was rewarded, as the Dutch, under Maarten Tromp, were so out-matched by the English 2nd Rates, that they could not stand and fight. At the Battles of the Kentish Knock, Dungeness, and Portland, Robert Blake showed a lack of judgment and basic tactical knowledge. Fortunately for him, the strong core of 2nd and 3rd Rates (with the occasional 1st Rate) were more than the Dutch could handle. He was also backed by very capable men, such as William Penn, John Lawson, George Monck, and many others. At the Battle of Dungeness, two brave men sacrificed themselves to save him (the captains of the Garland and Anthony Bonaventure). At Portland, he was saved again, until he threw away the opportunity to annihilate the Dutch at the end of the third day. An apologist might say that the English had suffered considerably, as well, but if you read the account of what happened from Blake's letter and what Michael Baumber and Peter Padfield wrote about him, you would know better. What you can say is that Robert Blake was focused and intent on engaging the Dutch, under most circumstances. Perhaps it was his wound at Portland that caused him to vary from his usual reckless style.

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