Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Dutch prize "Land of Promise"

The Dutch ship, the Land van Beloften (Land of Promise or Promised Land) (24 guns) was captured on July 21, 1652, when Robert Blake attacked the Dutch fishing fleet and their accompanying escort. Her captain was Jan Noblet. The Land van Beloften was a ship hired by the Admiralty of the Noorderkwartier, and was one of the "1oo ships of 1652". After the Restoration, she was used as a fireship (if not before that). Her English dimensions were LK=68ft-0in B=23ft-0in D=11ft-0in and a navigational draft of 10ft-8in. Her Engish burden was 191 tons. My estimate of her Dutch dimensions is: L=90ft B=26ft H=12-1/2ft. Depending on the rake, the length could be as great as 94ft. The Dutch dimensions are in Amsterdam feet. The key is:
  • LK=length on the keel
  • B=beam (English is outside the planking, Dutch is inside)
  • D=depth in hold (keel to center of deck)
  • L=length from stem to sternpost
  • H=hold (the Dutch measured from the keel the height at which the deck connected to the side)

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