Thursday, January 13, 2005

English Captain: John Mann

John Mann served in the Parliamentarian navy, and before that was a privateer. In 1644, he commanded the privateer Achilles. In 1645, he commanded the 6th Rate Cygnet in the Summer Guard, for sure, and possibly in the Winter Guard (the captain's name is omitted, but his ship was in the Winter Guard). From 1646 to 1648, he commanded the 3rd Rate Convertine (the former Destiny of Sir Walter Raleigh, not the later Portuguese ship). He was in the Summer Guard for 1646, 1647, and 1648. In 1647, he was assigned to the Downs. Sources:
  1. R. C. Anderson, List of English Naval Captains 1642-1660, 1964.
  2. Michael Baumber, General-at-Sea, 1989.
  3. J. R. Powell, The Navy in the English Civil War, 1962.

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