Thursday, January 06, 2005

Friesland in the First Anglo-Dutch War

Friesland started with war with a limited number of hired merchant ships, along with the Omlandia (30 guns), an old ship built in 1628. Friesland was the first admiralty to augment their forces with a new, larger ship. Sometime in the summer of 1652 (presumably), they purchased the Groenewold, and renamed her Groningen. She became the flagship of Hendrick Janszoon Camp in the Battle of Dungeness. The Groningen was heavily damaged in a sharp fight with two English frigates after Dungeness. De Sneuper says that he was back in time for Portland (the Three Days Battle). His lieutenant, Frederick Stellingwerf was proposed to replace him, but he was probably not appointed. Instead, Frederick Stellingwerf was given command of the newly acquired Zevenwolden (38 guns). He fought at the Gabbard and Scheveningen, where his ship was captured and sunk, and he was taken as a prisoner. He later died in the prison. The other, new large Frisian ship was the Kameel (42 guns). This probably was a ship belonging to the Groningen Directors (de Stad en Lande), although at least one contemporary list as well as Dr. Elias, say the ship belonged the Admiralty of Friesland. In The First Dutch War, Vol.V, there are translations of documents that make it seem that the ship was named "Stad en Lande" (a good Frisian ship name).

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