Monday, January 17, 2005

English Captain and Admiral: Thomas Teddiman

Thomas Teddiman served in both the Commonwealth and Restoration navies. He was the cousin of Henry Teddiman. From 1659 to 1660, he commanded the3rd Rate Tredagh. He continued in command after the Restoration, when the ship was renamed Resolution. In 1661, he took command of the 3rd Rate Fairfax. In 1663, he took command of the 4th Rate Kent. In 1664, he took command of the 3rd Rate Revenge, and then was transferred to the 2nd Rate Swiftsure. In 1665, he took command of the new 2nd Rate Royal Katherine. He fought in the Battle of Lowestoft, where he was Rear-Admiral of the Blue, with his flag on the Royal Katherine (70 guns). In August, he led the attack on the Dutch in Bergen, flying his flag on the Revenge. The attack went very badly, and a combination of Danish shore batteries and Dutch East Indiamen badly damaged the English ships, which were forced to withdraw. Thomas Teddiman, as Vice-Admiral of the Blue, again with his flag on the Royal Katherine, fought at the Four Days Battle. At the St. James's Day Battle, he was Vice-Admiral of the White, still with his flag on the Royal Katherine. In 1668, he took command of the 3rd Rate Cambridge. He died in 1668. Sources:
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