Monday, September 26, 2005

Update on Dutch Captain: Pieter Bakker

This is based on my translation of piece by Mr. Carl Stapel:
Pieter Bakker

Admiralty of the Noorderkwartier

1672  Captain

Date               Note
1672  9 August     With the fleet as captain of the frigate Mercurius (built in 1669,
                     and carrying 24 guns and with a crew of 100 men).
     20 September  He sails to the Texel with the ship.

1673  7 June       In the first Schooneveld Battle, he was captain of the 
                    ship of the line Jupiter (built in 1653, carrying 42 guns
                     and with a crew of 137 sailors and 63 soldiers) in the 
                      squadron and division of Lt-Admiral Cornelis Tromp.
                       The Jupiter was almost taken, but he was able to 
                        recover the ship on 14 June.
     21 June       In the second Schooneveld Battle, he was still captain of
                     the Jupiter, but now in Isaac Sweers' squadron. He was
                      accused of not doing his duty, but was cleared.
     21 August     In the Battle of the Texel (Kijkduin), he again commanded
                     the Jupiter (built in 1653 with 42 guns).
1674    April      In De Ruyter's fleet sent to Martinique. He was captain
                     of the Jupiter (built in 1653, with 40 guns, and a crew
                      of 166 sailors and 31 soldiers).
1676               In the Sound with the fleet of Cornelis Eversten de Jonge,
                     again as captain of the Jupiter (built in 1653,
                      carrying 44 guns and with a crew of 180 men). 

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