Thursday, September 29, 2005

A document from circa May or June 1653

I have a list of ships and some of the captains for ships from about May or June 1653. There is a very similar list in The First Dutch War, Vol.V, that is from Thurloe's state papers, Vol.I, page 287. This list is divided by Admiralty/Directors:
Admiralty of Amsterdam

Capt. Jan van Campen         the ship Overissel
Capt. Overcamp               the ship Pelicaen
Capt. van den Bos            the ship Engel Gabriel
Capt. Ary van Loenen         the ship Goude Reael             73 men
Capt. Evert Anthonissen      the ship ...
Capt. Gillis Thyssen Campen  the ship ...


Capt. Jan Heck               the ship Eenhoorn                80 men
Capt. Gerrit Munt            the ship Lastdrager              60 men
Capt. de Harder              the ship ...                     80 men
Capt. Boetius                the ship Fazant van Medemblik    90 men

Directors of Amsterdam

Capt. ?                      the ship the Keurvorst van Keulen 


Commandeur Stellingwerff     the ship Zevenwolden
Capt. Bruijnsvelt            the ship Breda
Capt. Wagenaar               the ship Graaf Hendrik


Commandeur Claeszoon         the ship Cleyn Hoop
Commandeur Cornelis de Joris the ship Groot Hoop
Commandeur Schoonevelt       the ship Fortuijn
Commandeur Wearnar Crimp     the ship Son


Skipper Trommel
Reynst Corneliszoon         

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