Friday, September 16, 2005

Update on Daniel Elsevier

This is based on my translation of an update on Daniel Elsevier by Mr. Carl Stapel:
Daniel Elsevier

Born circa 1630
Died 26 February 1688

1686 Vice-Admiral
1683 Schout-bij-Nacht
1672 Captain
1665 Lieutenant

1666  June  He fought in the Four Day’s Battle and took Admiral 
            Ayscue to the Netherlands.

1672     He was appointed to captain.

1672 7 June He was captain of the Stavoren in the Battle of Solebay on 7 June 1672. 
            His ship was taken and he was captured but later exchanged. 

1673 7 June He commanded the Zeelandia (built in 1643, with 44 guns 
            and a crew of 200 men) in the First Schooneveld Battle.

    14 June He fought in the Second Schooneveld Battle, again in the Zeelandia. 

  21 August In the Battle of Kijkduin (the Texel) he commanded the Zeelandia. 

1674        In the expedition under Cornelis Tromp near the French coast 
            and the Mediterranean Sea. He commanded the Schattershof 
            (built in 1672 with 44 guns).

1675  May   On board the Ackerboom (built in 1664 with 60 guns) under 
            Philips van Almonde in the Sound.

1676        He fought at Bornholm and Oland against Sweden.

1677 18 March  He was a pall bearer at the burial of Michiel De Ruyter.

1678       He served under Vice-Admiral Cornelis Evertsen de Jonge 
           in the relief expedition sent to Spain.

1681       Sometime in 1681 he and Captain Cornelis Tijloos had 
            picked up four Moors at sea and sold them as slaves at Livorno.

1683      He commanded the Moriaanshoofd in Schepers expedition to 
          Gothenburg and saved the crew of the Hollandia on 15 November, 
          on the homeward voyage. 

1688      He died on 26 February.


Honor Roll of J. C. Mollema

Notes of A. Vreugdenhil in the Scheepvaart Museum in Amsterdam

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