Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Dutch Captain: Passchier de Witte

Passchier de Witte served the Admiralty of Zeeland. He commanded the frigate Schakerloo in 1672. He served with the fleet, but seems to have not been present at Solebay, as Anderson omits him from his list, although Brandt includes him in a May 1672 list, as well as lists for July and September 1672. Andrew has a good story about him:
From 1672 to 1674 he commanded the frigate Schakerloo (28 guns). In September 1672 he commanded the small scouting squadron near the Veerse Gat. From December 1672 to end the of 1673 he commanded Schakerloo at the squadron of Cornelis Evertsen de Jongste. He was at the capture of New York (August 1673). He fought on 23 February 1674, in the Harbour of Cadiz, against the English ship HMS Tiger. The two ships - the Dutch 'Schakerloo', 28 guns, and the British 'Tiger', 46 guns, under the command of Thomas Harman - anchored in the bay within hours of each other on 22 February. It is probable that the Dutch captain, Passchier de Witte, had come into the neutral port to avoid meeting the heavily armed British ship coming from Tangier. Coincidentally, the Dutch flagship of Admiral Cornelis Evertsen was also in port being careened (having her hull cleaned of marine growth) and the he advised de Witte to challenge Harman to fight. At about 9.00 a.m. on 23 February the 'Schakerloo', sailed out of neutral water followed by the 'Tiger'. In the fierce action, the 'Tiger's', superior firepower meant that the Dutch ship eventually surrendered and de Witte was wounded. The English losses were very light, although Harman was slightly wounded and did not enjoy his triumph for long. When four Dutch men-of-war arrived in Cadiz soon after his return there, they forced him to release his prisoners or be sunk, even though he was in a neutral port.

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