Tuesday, September 27, 2005

New information about First Anglo-Dutch War ships and captains

I have a document from September 1652 that has the following Directors' ships and captains listed:
  • Blauwe Arent Capt. Dirck Pater of Amsterdam
  • Fortuijn Capt. Frederick de Coninck of Amsterdam
  • Vergulde Sonn Capt. Jacob Claesz. Duijm of Enkhuizen
  • Sampson Capt. Jacob Pietersz. Houck of Hoorn
  • Vergulde Merman Capt. Jan Fredericksz. Houcboot of Edam
  • St. Vincent Capt. Andries Douwesz. (Pascaert) of Harlingen
  • Vergulde Pelicaen Capt. Arien (Adriaan) Heeres Cleijntien of Harlingen
These are listed in the list from The First Dutch War, Vol.I, which is copied from the 1652 edition of the Hollandsche Mercurius. Captain Houcboot's ship name is hard to read, but this seems plausible. Usually, the ship name would be written as Meerman. Also, we had thought that Andries Douweszoon Pascaert's ship in the summer of 1652 was the Prins Willem. This document indicates that at least by September, he commanded the Sint Vincent. If that is correct, perhaps we know the armament for the Sint Vincent (30 guns). Later in 1653, we know that the Sint Vincent had been commanded by Adriaan Heeres Cleijntien.

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