Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Missing Dutch ship names for the First Anglo-Dutch War

While we have learned a great deal in the last year, there still remains more that we need to find. One of the things that we need is to fill the rest of the missing ship names for Dutch captains in the First Anglo-Dutch War. There are also ships for which we don't know captains. This is the missing ship name list:
  1. 1652 Lambert Bartelszoon crew 100 men Admiralty of Zeeland
  2. 1652 Pieter Adriaanszoon van Blocker 28 guns crew 105 men Hoorn Directors
  3. 1652 Ruth Jacobszoon Buys 26 guns crew 105 men Rotterdam Directors
  4. Dordrecht jacht (an estimate) 1652 Pieter Gorcum 17 guns crew 50 men Admiralty of Zeeland
  5. 1652 Abraham van der Hulst 26 guns crew 100 men Admiralty of Amsterdam
  6. 1652 Gijsbert Malcontent 28 guns crew 110 men Enkhuizen Directors
  7. 1652 Cornelis Rocuszoon Teincen 34 guns crew 110 men Zierikzee Directors
  8. 1652 Teunis Vechterszoon crew 70 men Admiralty of the Noorderkwartier
  9. 8/1652 Jacob Wolfertszoon Admiralty of Zeeland
There must be more, but this is the most obvious list of missing ship names.

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