Friday, March 04, 2005

English Captain: Sir John Ernle (or Ernley)

Sir John Ernle served in the Restoration navy. He started his career as lieutenant of the Rainbow in 1664. The next we see is that he was appointed lieutenant of the Hampshire in 1670. Finally, Sir Edward Spragge appointed him as lieutenant of the Rupert in 1671. Finally, in 1672, he was appointed captain of the Dover (48 guns). He fought in the Battle of Solebay, where he was assigned to Sir John Harman's division. Later in the year, he commanded the Revenge (60 guns). In August 1672, he commanded the Revenge in Sir John Harman's division. In 1673, Prince Rupert appointed him captain of the 2nd Rate Henry. He probably fought in the Schooneveld battles and surely fought in the Battle of the Texel in August 1673. On 21 July 1674, the King appointed him captain of the 4th Rate Foresight. On 2 April 1677, he was appointed to command the Woolwich. Finally, on 12 March 1678 (they called in 1677, under the old calendar), the King appointed Sir John Ernle to command the Defiance. I thought that he might be referenced by Clowes, but he is not. Sources:
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