Wednesday, March 16, 2005

English Captain: Henry Terne (Tearne)

Henry Terne (or Tearne) served in both the Commonwealth and Restoration navies. Andrew says that in 1659, Henry Terne was lieutenant of the 2nd Rate James. In 1660, he commanded the 4th Rate Hampshire. In 1661, he was reappointed to command the Hampshire. In 1663, he was appointed to command first the Milford and then the Portsmouth. In 1664 to 1665, he served under Sir Thomas Allin's command. In September 1664, Allin and his captains met with Michiel De Ruyter off Cadiz. In October, Henry Terne took part in a series of actions against Turkish pirates. In December, he took part in Allin's attack on the Dutch Smyrna convoy. In 1665, he commanded the 3rd Rate Dreadnought. In 1666, he commanded the 2nd Rate Triumph (72 guns), and was killed in action at the Four Days' Battle. Prior to the battle, he had been reassigned to the Triumph, replacing Sir Edward Spragge. The Duke of Albemarle praised Henry Terne in dispatches, following the battle. Sources:
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