Sunday, March 27, 2005

Another two-war veteran: the Exchange

The hired merchantman Exchange fought in both the First and Second Anglo-Dutch Wars. She was built in 1650, and had dimensions of 74ft-9in on the keel and a beam of 28ft-11in. Her burden was 332 tons. She had 9 ports on the lower deck per side. During the First Anglo-Dutch War, the Exchange fought in five battles: the Kentish Knock, Dungeness, Portland, the Gabbard, and Scheveningen. She was hired in January 1665 for service in the second war. She fought in the Battle of Lowestoft. She was meant to be at Bergen, but was prevented from being there by bad weather. She was present for the actions against returning Dutch ships on 3 September and 9 September. She was released in December 1665. In 1665, she had a crew of 170 men and carried 36 guns:
  • Ship's guns: 4-demi-culverins and 14-sakers
  • Navy guns: 8-culverins and 10-demi-culverins
  1. Frank Fox, "Hired Men-of-War, 1664-7", Part II, The Mariner's Mirror Vol.84 No.2 (May 1998).

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