Friday, March 18, 2005

English Captain: John Edwin

John Edwin served in both the Parliamentarian and Commonwealth navies. From 1645 to 1648, he commanded the 6th Rate Crescent (14 guns). In the Summer Guard for 1645, he was in the North Squadron. He also served in the Winter Guard for 1645. In the Summer Guard for 1646, he was stationed at Chatham. Again, in 1646, he served in the Winter Guard. During the summer of 1647, he was assigned to the Western Guard. During the summer of 1648, John Edwin commanded the Crescent in the Summer Guard. In 1648, he also commanded the 5th Rate Warwick (22 guns). From 1652 to 1653, he commanded the Dutch prize Oak (32 guns) (presumably, the ex-Akerboom). He fought at the Battle of the Gabbard in the Oak. He may have been at the Battle of Portland, but R.C. Anderson discounted the possibility. He was also at the Battle of Scheveningen, where the Oak was burnt. He survived, and later in 1653, he commanded the Cock (Golden Cock). This was a Dutch prize taken on the last day of the Battle of Portland. Sources:
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