Friday, March 25, 2005

The Earl of Sandwich's division at the Battle of Solebay

If we look at the Earl of Sandwich's division in the Battle of Solebay, we see many names that I have recently written about. I believe that this is the order in which they sailed:
  1. Montagu, 60 guns Thomas Darcy
  2. Falcon, 40 guns (actually, an upgunned 5th Rate) Charles Mountague
  3. Leopard, 54 guns Peter Bowen
  4. Rupert, 66 guns Sir John Holmes
  5. Royal James, 100 guns Earl of Sandwich, Richard Haddock captain
  6. Henry, 74 guns Francis Digby
  7. Edgar, 70 guns John Wetwang
  8. Crown, 46 guns William Finch
He had reasonably strong seconds, with the Rupert and Henry, along with the Edgar right behind her. The Earl should have survived, except for the rampant indiscipline in the Restoration navy. Panicked crew members jumped into his boat, until it was swamped, and he and others were drowned. They eventually found his body washed ashore. They recognized it by the medals. This list is from Corbett's small booklet.

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