Sunday, March 20, 2005

English Captain: Roger Harman

Roger Harman served in the Commonwealth navy. Roberto says that Roger Harman was born about 1595. A webpage about the Mayflower says that in 1629, there was a voyage to America, and that Roger Harman commanded the Four Sisters (14 guns). They arrived at Salem, Massachussetts, in mid-July 1629, according to Anne at We also know that Roger Harman commanded the Dutch prize Stork (36 guns) in 1653. He arrived on the second day of the Battle of the Gabbard, under Robert Blake's command. He almost certainly fought at the Battle of Scheveningen, as well. Published Sources:
  1. R. C. Anderson, "English Fleet-Lists in the First Dutch War," The Mariner's Mirror, Vol.XXIV No.4, October 1938.

  2. R. C. Anderson, List of English Naval Captains 1642-1660, 1964.

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