Saturday, March 27, 2004

A small English 5th Rate

I just got done doing a new sort of drawing. I took a scan of a sheet of ships drawn in pencil. I converted the sheet to color, from black and white. Then, I drew or painted on the sheet, using Corel Photopaint 8 (which just happens to be what I have). I did it "freehand", using a mouse. I found that I was starting to develop a facility for drawing with a mouse. I used a Reinier Nooms painting of a scene from the Battle of Livorno as a guide to shading sails. I had thought it was not possible, but I am satisfied that it can be done, after all. This is the result:

Small English 5th Rate of 80 feet

The ship in intended for use in the First Anglo-Dutch War, and other places where a small 5th Rate, only 80 feet long, would be used. The flags could be easily changed.

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