Friday, March 12, 2004

Dutch vessels: Advijs jacht and a Galjoot

There is information, from Nicolaes Witsen, that gives dimensions for an advijs jacht (advice yacht) and a galjoot (galliot). They are later than what was used in the First Anglo-Dutch War, so they are not comparable, but they are both of interest. We also know the dimensions for an older, three-masted yacht of war, as well.

The advis jacht, from Witsen, has the following dimensions:

Length: 115ft
Beam: 27ft-5-1/2in
Hold: 11ft-5-1/2in

The galjoot, from Witsen, has the following dimensions:

Length: 85ft
Beam: 21ft
Hold: 11ft

The older three-masted jacht, built in 1638, was smaller than the later jacht. This type of jacht could have been employed during the First Anglo-Dutch War. Such a vessel could have carried 14 guns. One example of such a ship was the Zeeland jacht, the Gloeyenden Oven. At the beginning of the First Anglo-Dutch War, she had 14 guns and a crew of 56 men. She was commanded by Adriaan Janszoon den Oven.

Length: 106ft
Beam: 24ft
Hold: 9ft

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