Friday, March 05, 2004

Dr. Carl Ballhausen's book

Despite my criticisms, I would highly recommend Dr. Ballhausen's book about the First Anglo-Dutch War and the war between the Dutch and Swedes in 1658-1659. The reference for the book is:

Carl Ballhausen, PhD, Der Erste Englisch-Höllandische Seekrieg 1652-1654 Sowie der Schwedisch-Holländische Seekrieg 1658-1659, Martinus Nijhoff, Haag, 1923.

Despite Dr. Ballhausen's frequent leaps of imagination in listing ships at various battles, there are enough positive features to make the book valuable:

  • The charts of the battles, showing wind direction and the position of squadrons
  • Some unique information that is very likely to be correct, such as the Swedish armaments listed in footnotes in the section about the Battle of the Sound
  • A valuable bibliography that lists many obscure, published sources
  • Extensive footnotes (however, you need to check the sources, as I have found that I often disagree with Dr. Ballhausen's conclusions
  • Information about the fleet organizations

  • The Library of Congress holds a copy of this book (as does the Wilson Library at the University of Minnesota). The Library of Congress will make a photocopy of the book, at a fairly high price. I was persistent, and finally was able to buy the book, after persistent searching using

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