Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Dutch captains mentioned in various published sources for Dover (May 1652)

There are Dutch captains and admirals mentioned in relation to the Battle off Dover (29 May 1652) in various published sources, other than Ballhausen's book. It seems relevant to list those, as they often differ from Ballhausen's list (unfortunately). Dr. Elias' book (Vol.II) gives the Dutch convoy commander as Jacob Huyrluyt. His ship was the Amsterdam ship, the Zeelandia (34 guns), built in 1643. There is some uncertainty introduced, as J. C. Mollema, in the "Honor Roll" doesn't distinguish between "Dover", the battle on 29 May or the "Dover" that we call the Kentish Knock. The latter seems to be mistaken, given the actual locations. Nonetheless, that is what he calls the Battle of the Kentish Knock. This is clear from the various entries for captains that did not appear on the scene, until the Kentish Knock.

Pieter AldertszoonNoorderkwartierBurcht24First Dutch War
Evert AnthonissenAmsterdamHollandia32Honor Roll
Cornelis Janszoon BrouwerAmsterdam DirectorsValck28First Dutch War
Abraham van CampenAmsterdam DirectorsArke Troijane28First Dutch War
Cornelis Evertsen de JongeVlissingen DirectorsVlissingen26First Dutch War
Sipke FockesAmsterdam DirectorsSint Maria28First Dutch War
Willem HamNoorderkwartierSampson24Schetsen
Allert JanszoonZeelandDubbele Arend26Schetsen
Isaak de JonghRotterdam DirectorsSint Pieter29Schetsen
Dirck Janszoon JuynbolRotterdam DirectorsGelderland30Honor Roll
Cornelis NaeuooghAmsterdam DirectorsSint Matheeus34First Dutch War
Jan van Nes de Oude Boer JaapRotterdamGorcum30Honor Roll
Jacob Corneliszoon SwartAmsterdam DirectorsFaam28First Dutch War
Jan ThyssenVlissingen DirectorsWitte Lam32First Dutch War
Maarten TrompRotterdamBrederode54First Dutch War
Bastiaan TuynemansVlissingen DirectorsSint Laurens30First Dutch War


Elias, Johan E., Schetsen uit de geschiedenis van ons zeewezen, 6 volumes, 's-Gravenhage, 1916-1930

ed. Gardiner, Dr. S.R., First Dutch War, Vol.I, Navy Records Society, London, 1898

"Honor Roll" appendix to Vol.II, J.C.Mollema, Geschiedenis van Nederland ter Zee, 4 vols, Amsterdam 1940

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