Thursday, March 25, 2004

My current thinking about my last post regarding Dutch ships at Dover in May 1652

I am increasingly skeptical about the three entries in my list from Mollema's "Honor Roll". When I originally saw the Gorcum in the list, ten years ago, I just assumed it meant at the action off Folkestone, between Tromp and Blake, in May 1652. I am much more doubtful, now, that the Gorcum was there. Instead, the three ships mentioned in the "Honor Roll" were meant to be at the Battle of the Kentish Knock, as Mollema wrote about battles.

I am less uncertain about the other captains and ships that I list, although the references in Dr. Elias' book still could be ambiguous. Much rests on ships having been at the battle, when they are mentioned either right before or right after the battle, as being with the fleet, or carrying messages for Tromp, about the recent battle.

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