Friday, March 26, 2004

The page about Dutch ships in French intelligence documents is now available

An HTML version of my paper about Dutch ships found in French intelligence documents, primarily from the Marquis de Seignelay, is now available on This is the direct link:

Dutch ships in French intelligence documents.

It looks like there is something copied that is left over, but that doesn't detract from the information, as it precedes the main table. As for the "unknown" ships, it is more the case that there is no known Dutch ship that matches, rather than we guess the right name. For example, Les armes de Leuarden is obviously equivalent to 't Wapen van Leeuwarden (50 guns). There are two obviously similar names: Les armes de Zelandé (60 guns) and les armes de Zélandy (30 guns), both of which refer to Noorderkwartier ships named 't Wapen van Zeeland. We just don't know of such ships from Dutch records. In another case, La Concorde (40 guns) obviously refers to an Eendracht of 121 feet long. We just don't know of such a ship. In the same way, L'Estoille du Levant would equate to a Star van Levant. I can go on, as I can see appropriate Dutch names for most, just no corresponding Dutch ships from other records.

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